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Manage your social content like magic

Assembly is a powerful end-to-end platform to draft, plan, and schedule social media content.

Everything you’ve ever wanted in
a social media management tool

We were tired of using messy spreadsheets and outdated tools - so we created a modern, easy-to-use platform to make social media management quick and painless.

Simple & Beautiful Content Calendar

Visibility across all marketing content and social channels

Scheduling & Posting

Automatic scheduling with all major social channels

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Built-in Approvals

Approvals that integrate with Slack

New Feature Launch
Easy Cross-Posting

Cross-post to any channel with just a click

Manage Multiple Accounts

Post on behalf of founders & employees

And much more

Notion-like Editor

Easy user tagging

Briefs and checklists

Campaign overviews

Ideas & drafts

Recurring posts

Drive actual ROI. Auto-engagement features boost performance and drive more impressions on your posts.

Auto First Comment

Schedule a first comment up to 12 hours from the post time. Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

Auto Repost

Repost from another account up to 12 hours from the post time. Linkedin and Twitter.

Auto Likes

Auto-likes a post from multiple accounts over a 30-minute period. Linkedin Only.

Slack Boost Channels

Get the whole team engaged - sends a ping to a Slack channel when a post is live. All Channels.

Best Time to Post

Recommended best times to post, customized for each channel. All Channels.

Powerful Analytics. Actionable Insights.

  • Analytics for LinkedIn (Creator and Company), Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Group analytics by labels and content type

  • Weekly overview of top performing posts

  • Enrich Hubspot and other CRMs (coming soon)


Don’t take our word for it

This is such a no-brainer.

Assembly helps us with a lot of the non-content writing tasks like scheduling, editing existing posts, auto-liking, auto-commenting, previewing, and cross-posting to different platforms. We love the product (and they have great support).

Marty Kausas
Makes my life 1,000,000 times easier.

I absolutely love the AI post generator (like wow it's making my life 1,000,000 times easier). Assembly is a game-changer for anyone managing multiple social media platforms.

Kate Bould
Growth Lead
You need Assembly. Get it. Like right now.

Given the volume we produce, we’d be dead without it. It's my favorite content scheduling tool that I've ever used. The auto-engagement tools are really clutch as well to drum up initial boosts. Frankly, we just never did it before because you had to do things manually before Assembly.

Sanjay Jenkins
An incredible time-saver for our team

Assembly has changed the way we do content completely. I feel that we have been posting way more quality content, and I love how nicely designed Assembly is - it helps me visually organize my thoughts and write more.

Mike Wen
Visibility across our whole marketing team.

Assembly has streamlined and supercharged our marketing engine. We love the intuitive calendar layout and how we can see both our product-focused and content-focused campaigns, all in one place.

Rachel Cantor
Marketing Manager
A huge unlock in our marketing productivity.

Assembly has been the single biggest unlock for our marketing productivity. The design is super intuitive and love the approvals I can use with my team.

David Zhou
Strategy & Operations

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Content Agencies
Founders & Execs
Social Media Managers
Content Marketers
Growth Teams
Content Agencies
Founders & Execs
Social Media Managers
Content Marketers
Growth Teams